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Lisp Books living again in Clojure (juliangamble.com)
19 points by r4vik on May 24, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I don't believe enough praise can be given to "The Little Schemer" (and the series). This book is wonderful at teaching recursion and is extremely entertaining. I've run by only a few books that can teach a programming skill like this without the need of a computer. Grab a pen/pencil, some paper and this series of books. Then take some time to just do it. It's more fun than sudoku, seriously. Again, you don't need to execute anything in a REPL. Your brain, that book and piece of paper is your loop.

(this space reserved for jelly stains)

Would love to see the same thing for Racket. Anyone else have this are want to start it?

No Land of Lisp?

Love that book! When I first started looking into Clojure, and Lisp in general, this book was announced. I had it on day one of its release. It's a really fun and informative read and deserves more readers.

this isn't about lisp books, this is about examples in lisp books translated to clojure.

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