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Whenever anyone emails iant@segment.io, their question doesn’t actually go to my personal inbox, it goes into our Help Scout account, so they are guaranteed a much faster response time!

Interrogative: What happens when say, a tech is assigned to an internal project requiring email communication with a vendor? Here's a relevant example:

In 2011 I was hired as into a role that was half Jr. Project Manager, half Help Desk team lead (my door read "Support Operations Lead"). While I assisted when the load got heavy in daily HD work, more often I was working on getting new solutions into our support flow; implemented a new ticketing system, rolled out a backup solution, and handled the IT purchasing for the entire organization (this was a huge commerce firm of about 600 at the time. Daunting, but it got done).

All of these tasks required constant communication with vendors, who had my personal email address to send purchase orders and invoices to. Do those need to go into the support bin? I'd wager not.

How does HelpScout differentiate between the two?

From what I understood of the scheme, HelpScount doesn't differentiate between them - you do. If you want to communicate with someone on your personal email address, you can give it to them directly.

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