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Basically I am waiting for the Reeder App Guy to Announce what he will do with the app. If he goes the "give me an google api compliant endpoint and it will connect to it", I might use https://github.com/swanson/stringer , looks really promising so far. But I need Reeder to support it first.

Just pushed some basic Reeder support to Stringer last night :)

Ah, great! Thanks for this !

Reeder is going to use Feedbin. See: http://reederapp.com/reader/

That is not the only option he added. But a final info from him how he sees reeder in the future would be great.

Right. I read that, and in hindsight should have used more inclusive wording. Anyway, I really like Feedbin even though it could use a bit more polish (a couple of animations would go a long way e.g. when it is loading an article).

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