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Challange me: http://www.geoguessr.com?s=eyJ0b3RhbFBvaW50cyI6ODg0NSwidmVyc... You can rotate and zoom, but no googling and moving the car.

You won the challenge with 12867 points against 8845. http://www.geoguessr.com?v=eyJ0b3RhbFBvaW50cyI6MTI4NjcsInZlc...

Why not moving is a silly rule? I think that moving doesn't make sense in challenge mode. On exploration mode it would be fine, I think.

Sometimes you have too little information and it's pure guess then and moving just few steps can bring you some more. On the other hand one can take hundreds of steps before giving answer and challenge might depend on time spent so maybe it's not that silly.

It would be best if each step costed you some amount of points.

You won the challenge with 10667 points against 8845.

Seems like you missed see the "Brisbane Whale Tours" ad...? ;-)

Hey what are the kids doing there in first pic? :P

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