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Beat you (no google, rotate and zoom only), but I had an unfair advantage on #4 - I'd been there before! http://www.geoguessr.com?v=eyJ0b3RhbFBvaW50cyI6MTU0MTUsInZlc...

That was pretty close but i just pipped you.


> You lost the challenge with 11370 points against 11397.

Damn, I thought I'd beat you, but your last one was really close and made for all points I were ahead of you.

that was pure luck. guessing the continent is fairly easy. guessing the country is a little bit tricky. But guessing a point in a 100 km diameter is pure luck :)

Yeah, the scoring should be made flatter between 50km and 500km and steeper above. Now there's bigger point difference between lucky shot in the right country and unlucky one than between unlucky shot in roughly right place and choosing wrong continent.

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