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My first try was http://www.geoguessr.com?s=eyJ0b3RhbFBvaW50cyI6NzI3OSwidmVyc... (score 7279).

Holy long URL!

(I've been meaning to try this out since http://xkcd.com/1214/ brought its existence to my attention.)

double that :) http://goo.gl/AYBOK (14915)

Damn, you beat me. Right down to the line too. The last one--Czech Republic--made all the difference. Perhaps you know the language or something, you got it dead on.

We both bombed on South Africa and Australia, but I beat you for Utah and Russia :>

32211: goo.gl/bruYH

One of them was one I'd already had before, so it's obviously not completely random.

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