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> Replacing Dropbox doesn't seem practical right now. Owncloud is buggy, Sparkleshare seems like a "when you've got a hammer, everything's a nail" kind of solution, and I haven't tried Seafile yet because the configuration is intimidating and I haven't really heard anything about it.

git-annex-assistant provides a friendly Dropbox replacement, with a web-based GUI and a magically synced/shared folder. Supports Linux, Android, and (very early stages) Windows and OS X.

> Rackspace has great hosted email for $1/inbox/month. Eventually I want to bite the bullet and host my own mail server (I still have nightmares from when I self-hosted email a few years ago) but in the meantime I've really liked Rackspace.

I currently use Gandi's mail servers, which you get free when you have a domain through them. I run my own IMAP server and move the mail to it with getmail, but I let Gandi handle SMTP receipt and delivery.

Rackspace is one of two providers I will never use... the second is Linode

Is there an interesting story behind your reason for avoiding the two?

Is it out of a concern with security?


Replacing dropbox is an easy task. Have u tried tonido (http://www.tonido.com)

A lot of your short comment history is about Tonido. If you're affiliated with them in some way, you should disclose it when you talk about them on HN.

That is neither self-hosted nor free open-source from a quick look at it.

It is self-hosted but it is not open source. Does it have to be an open source solution?

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