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Such as?

Hiding protocol in the URL bar. Fading the server "file path" after a domain name. Tabs in the title bar. Non-native look. No menu toolbar. Status bar. And those are just the ones I'm aware of.

Tabs in the title bar is a better UI decision. The URL box belongs to the tab, so it should be part of the tab. Your objection here seems to be 'Firefox mimicked Chrome and this is a bad thing', rather than these things being objectively bad.

Tabs in a treeview is better again, and is not possible with Chrome.

I also object to the lack of a menu bar, for bookmarks in particular. I have an extension that emulates it, but nothing that can properly emulate treeview tabs - I can't imagine ever going to a browser without this.

> I also object to the lack of a menu bar, for bookmarks in particular.

It does have a menu bar, with bookmarks in particular. http://i.imgur.com/awPDYp4.jpg

While Chrome has a menu bar for bookmarks, your screenshot does not in any way show that.

I'm using it on Linux and Windows.

Those things are all subjective, plenty of reasonable and clueful people will disagree as to whether any of those are good or bad things (or neither). When you say something like...

"the influence of Chrome on Firefox has been universally negative"

...that's saying a whole heck of a lot more than, they made some UI decisions that were personally disagreeable to you but not necessarily to other people.

What operative system are you using? On GNU/Linux - http / https are visible in the url bar - tabs are under the url bar (and under any other bar you activated) - menu is still there - status bar can be toggled on/off

Lookup, did they hide the "https://? And why NOT hide the "http://? Oh, I see, You are kidding right? :D

Sorry, you are right. Firefox does not hide https. My bad, but in my defence I've only used new Firefox occasionally.

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