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I think Dave's final point is spot on. That's why, IF we ever get to the point where Fogbeam becomes an acquisition target, and IF we sell, my mindset is going to be very much "take it, it's yours, do what you want with it." I wouldn't even ask for a fancy title or any kind of executive position in the combined company. I'd just want the shortest possible "golden handcuff" period, and a place to sit and surf Hacker News while waiting for the period to end.

The flip-side is, of course, that this is why it would be hard to decide to sell. sigh

Congrats, you singlehandedly killed any desire for anyone to ever want to acquire your business. Who would possibly want to buy a business where the founder is ready to abandon ship as quickly as possible?

Pretty much every big company who acquires a smaller company, slaps a pair of golden handcuffs on the founders, and then proceeds to strip them of any power or responsibility. And that seems to be a fairly prevalent theme, especially with companies like Yahoo.

If they thought the founder would just get in the way otherwise, and they had grander plans for an established user/code-base?

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