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The view you present shows no pride in ownership, quantity over quality, and it still works though.

I wonder how you got that from my comment? All I said is that in a business, the focus is on profiting. Code takes a back seat, because perfect code ever made anyone money. Though I'm not saying to develop a shitty code base. But in reality, the software is merely the product, and not the business. I take a lot of pride in my work, and do not ship/sell products built on top of bad code. But I do know that the focus is on the business side. That's why I'm able to successfully bootstrap while others fail with millions of funding. (:

Myspace failed because it did not adapt to the market. They got lazy.

What I got out of your comment was monetize at every possibility (maybe I misconstrued it).

>in a business, the focus is on profiting

This is what I agree with you. Websites/Apps are usually projects before they are cultivated into a businesses. Maybe it's semantics, but I think "profits," conveys the wrong message in your vague comment earlier.

If any developer wants to monetize their product (their code), I think what you're trying to convey (based on your response) is that much thought needs to go into the efficiency and risk/reward ratio. How much will your distribution cost? How efficient is Nginx vs Apache?

Basically, business practices will result in less cost (risk) for the project that turns into a business. Efficiency of the business model will result in the lowest costs for the project/business, to the point where profit is feasible.

What I got out of your comment was monetize at every possibility (maybe I misconstrued it).

No, that's not what I meant. Monetizing and profits are two different things.

Yeah, I figured it was on me when you actually started talking about business. I thought you were trying troll and say it's all about money and greed :)

Once you get to know me, you realise that I don't think its about money and greed. To me money is merely but a tool. Greed is the worse drug that has ever existed. I'm more about creating new things and jobs. To give back to society, rather than take from it. Sure, I will make money off of it, and will have a good lifestyle. But I make sure that others do so as well. All the money in the world doesn't mean a thing if you have to live inside a castle.

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