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And don't get me started on the obnoxious jerks in books: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Elephant-Baby-Puffin-Picture-Books/d...

EDIT: I should probably try and make my point rather than just snarkily wave my hands towards it. Material for children which involves the main characters being obnoxious or rude or bad in some way is much older than the recent round of Disney shows (the book I'm linking to is from the 70s, and is intended for a much younger audience than the live-action Disney shows). This is because kids learn the concept of "naughtiness" at a pretty young age, and so find presentations of this naughtiness funny. They're not going to take these characters as simply role models to mirror, because the very reason they enjoy reading about or watching bad behaviour is because they are familiar with the idea that this is not how you're supposed to behave.

I see where you're coming from, but you're just wrong in this instance. If shows like "Good Luck Charlie" are sophisticated morality plays that are designed to make people more empathetic, ethical, and pro-social, I'll eat my Mickey Mouse ears.

Sometimes dreck is just dreck.

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