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vi is part of POSIX (the UNIX standard):


emacs is not

So it's not surprising you find vi more places than emacs.

Tim O'Reilly wrote that ORA sold twice as many vi books as emacs. (http://oreilly.com/pub/a/oreilly/ask_tim/1999/unix_editor.ht...)

In 15 years as a sysadmin, I've never seen a machine that had emacs but not vi. :) Though I agree it's theoretically possible. In which case, knowing ed would get you going quickly. Knowing ed can speed up your work in vi, too, you can handle large amounts of text quickly using short powerful ed commands. (for example, write everything from the start of the file to the current line to file /tmp/save.txt: 1,.w /tmp/save.txt Or delete all lines that have a curly brace: g/{/d)

Peteris's excellent ed sheetsheet: http://www.catonmat.net/blog/ed-unix-text-editor-cheat-sheet...

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