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"Around six months ago, Graham brought on someone else, who he chose not to name, to moderate the site. He says the individual is affiliated with Y Combinator and is a 'prudent and thoughtful guy,' and has been doing a great job ever since."

I didn't know this. I think the prudent and thoughtful guy is doing a generally good job. I don't think anyone can read every thread here exhaustively, but there is some good signal:noise ratio here even after all the years of growth.

"I wish I could get people to stop posting comments that are stupid or mean" is pg's summary of what still needs to be fixed. I'm on board with that too.

I assumed that once you got enough karma here you started to get mod rights... maybe not though.

Mod rights as in flagging articles/users or downvoting? Those are all based on a certain amount of karma (with downvoting having the highest threshold since it can cause the most damage).

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