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Show HN: This is what Rosetta Stone would look like if it were crowd-sourced (apple.com)
7 points by danielhughes 1615 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

This is my first iOS app. It's a bit of an experiment in crowd sourcing. Right now there's lots of content in Cantonese and English. If you want to play around with the app I suggest trying one of those languages first. And then switch over to whatever language it is that you want to learn.

It says it requires iOS 6. Is there something in the app that requires it, or is that just a new mandate by Apple for all new apps? I won't be able to update my iPhone for another week, but I look forward to trying it out. It certainly seems innovative (and free!).

The iOS 6 requirement was initially because I was using some features in the Facebook SDK. But I dropped those features entirely. I honestly can't remember if there's any code left in the app that requires iOS 6. Thanks for the positive feedback! I hope you find the app useful.

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