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Replacing Skype with SIP using Plivo (YC S12) (maxmasnick.com)
10 points by bevenky 332 days ago | comments

nishadmusthafa 332 days ago | link

Great tutorial. I see that you've mentioned "non intuitive". We'd love to hear how that can be remedied.


fakeer 332 days ago | link

I am thinking of switching to them(personal usage). I've had a Google Voice for a long time but seeing no way to easily use it from my phone or desktop I guess I'll rather dump them, they don't seem to do much good with GV either. Maybe it will go into Google cemetery soon.

I am going to purchase some credit at Plivo. Not sure how much they charge for calls to Indian numbers.

Update: Just checked, they don't offer calls to Indian numbers. At least that is what I understood from https://manage.plivo.com/pricing/


nishadmusthafa 331 days ago | link

Hey Fakeer,

We do offer calls to India. The pricing is here https://manage.plivo.com/pricing/?country=india

It's 2 cents a minute(which is the current GV rate)


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