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The article (perhaps ironically) neglected to mention an enormous volume of submissions exist just to harvest pageviews from this community.

There is a constant flow advertisements posing as articles where startups write random fluff to get their otherwise unrelated and uninteresting startups on the front page.

There is a constant flow of mainstream blogs and people meticulously tailoring content for this site.

There have been numerous large companies that have blatantly spammed the site for years undetected, and probably plenty more that still haven't been detected judging by all the 'submissions-only' accounts churning out generic links to mainstream sites.

I don't think routine exploitation fosters a healthy, happy community.

your points illustrate some reasons why I do not consider this a community,in a positive sense. there is a lot of interesting discussion, which is good, but it exists to serve and is largely constrained by the need to create a social engine for private investment in tech companies, and the ecosystem that entails.

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