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It's sad and indicative of the quality of tech journalism when this line gets written by thenextweb and then quoted by techcrunch without being questioned:

> Having a big audience isn’t really the goal. In comparison, Hacker News’ inspiration and the first big YC exit, Reddit has seen as much as 4.4 million page views in a given day.

If 4.4 million page views in a given day were special for Reddit, it would not be the hugely successful page it is and tech journalists should have a rough idea of traffic figures like these. The same thenextweb post claims further down that Reddit averaged 3 billion page views a month in 2012.

(it was the Obama AMA subreddit that hit 4.4 million page views in a single day)

I'm a Brit, so take my token apology for calling you out on this [1], but the way you frame your comment is actually the thing that frustrates me the most about a lot of HN comments. So much negativity, which is often based on some extremely esoteric fact, that actually takes away from the original point of the article, and is just counter to any continuing discussion. Branching off is great. We get some really great discussions on HN that side-step the original point of an article, but when it's just for the sake of bashing, I can't ever support such comments.

[1] : We like to apologise for things

I'm not sure I agree with you unless I'm misunderstanding the point of what you mean by what the parent said that was "extremely esoteric".

The point seems to be that we are reading a story about hacker news and someone takes issue with what appears to be an example of lazy journalism.

I could find my own examples in the article. Right off the top there are only quotes from PG and tptacek when it would have been really easy to email other users and get some thoughts to round out the story. (Not to mention the fact that it left out a fairly important point - that tptacek has the most karma on HN other than PG).

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