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Thanks. I'll give it a try. I do miss NERDTree in Emacs, but so far, I've only been tinkering around with it, and still use vim for long sessions. :)

I try to move on to Emacs as my full time editor/IDE, but so far I failed, and I've been trying for several weeks now. The problem is that I put years of tinkering into my VIM to make it almost exactly as I need it. This means that I won't switch until Emacs has at least very similar number of customizations, macros, plugins, etc. And making this from scratch takes time. The only positive in this is that I already know what I want, so hopefully it'll take shorter than for the first time :)

The reason to move to emacs is exactly because it has far more customizations available than vim does. Emacs' nerd tree equivalent is called undo tree, and its fantastic.


No. NERDTree is file explorer, it has nothing to do with Emacs's UndoTree. The "equivalent" of UndoTree in Vim world would be Gundo.

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