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Perl 6 isn't perl.

I think there should be some kind of changing of names. For a while it looked like it's another incremental step, if a big one. Which obviously requires running two implementations in parallel for a while -- similar to Python 2 and 3, or several operating systems and distros.

But right now, especially once Perl development really picked up, it might be time to "divorce" the two languages. It seems more like Algol60 vs. Algol68, or Modula-2 vs. Modula-3. Sure, there's a number in there, but it isn't just about the version of the main implementation.

Having said that, kudos to the Perl team. I really like that they now release new versions pretty regularly, which is a good sign to show people that Perl5 ist still very much alive and nobody needs to hold their breath for the time being.

If only I could use something more recent than 5.8 at work...

Perl5 users won't switch to Perl6 because they're working on Perl5 code and don't want to change their habits.

Non-Perl devs won't switch to Perl6 because the P word scares them.

So, yes, changing the name might be a good idea.

And making an enjoyable web-based tutorial.

Lets assume that I'm switching from Perl5. Why would I switch to Perl6 over something else? Even assuming Perl6 were to be become production ready tomorrow, there is a cornucopia of good languages these days. I'm sure Perl6 can claim to be more expressive than most but is that enough?

> Perl5 users won't switch to Perl6 because they're working on Perl5 code and don't want to change their habits.

I will.

I am already switching to Perl6.

You can use perlbrew to install any version of Perl your heart desires in a local directory of your choosing. You can also install multiple versions and easily swap them.

We deploy to a RHEL server where the stock Perl is 5.8.8. Sure, migrating that to a perlbrew/local::lib setup with up-to-date CPAN modules would be really nice, but would require some major testing, and right now nobody has the time for that. Never change a running system sigh...

But hey, generally it's not a big hassle, from a programmer's perspective that version ain't that outdated. About the only thing I really miss is "//="...

There are some modules that don't support Perl 5.8, like Data::Show. RHEL's policy about Perl versions is just horrible.

Calling keys, values, push, pop, shift and unshift on refs. That one change makes things SO much more readable.

There was a big argument on a name change. It isn't going to happen.

Here's mst's suggestion for changing the name Perl 5 to "Pumpkin Perl":


No. Just no. That is stupid as stupid can be.

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