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Great "learn the terms" section. So many tutorials come with a huge up-front wall of text explaining every possible term you could ever come across, when all you want is to get to the useful stuff!

The approach I took in my own guide to learning Emacs[1] was to mention those terms (like "C-x", "buffer", "frame", etc.) as if the reader already knew them, but hyperlinked to a glossary.

The most important part of Sacha's diagram is the bottom left corner: "Learn how to learn more". Every Emacs expert will tell you about "C-h k" and "C-h f" etc, but few novices actually understand how much you should be using those self-documenting features. My guide focuses on this, for those with the patience to work through it. :-)

[1] http://david.rothlis.net/emacs/howtolearn.html

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