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You made hundreds of hackers move their ass for 7 minutes today. That is a huge accomplishment.

This is the best compliment I've ever gotten.

Just went through it on my iPhone.

First, nicely done. The interface is clean, the progression bar is helpful.

A few suggestions: It would be nice to have a bell go off both at the beginning and end of the rest period, so you don't miss the beginning of the next 30second sprint. On my phone I only hear a bell at the start of the rest period. I would also suggest displaying the graphic for the next exercise during the rest period. I work out regularly but I still didnt know what a "push up and twist" was so by the time I figured it out I had already missed 5-8 seconds of the sprint.

Nice to see products like this generating conversation. Keep up the good work.

Really fabulous work. If this works on an iPhone and has a nice iphonetouch.png icon, I'm gonna pin it and use it daily.

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