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YC S13 company seeks hackers with RoR experience
1258 days ago | hide
We were accepted to the recent YC batch and are ready to add to our 3 person team. We're based in the bay area and and are building an API for developers. We would love to tell you more but we aren’t ready to announce our acceptance into YC. Shoot us an email and we are happy to discuss what we are building in more detail.

Stack: We are running on Ruby on Rails and have clients in PHP, Python, Ruby, and often help customers in various other languages.

Traction: We're doubling each month and have raised from a top tier group of investors. We're aiming to hire 2-4 early employees with significant freedom and responsibility. Carve out an area of the product and watch it grow.

Details: We don't have an office yet, but we're splitting time between SF and MV. We all work together about 20 hours a week, and remotely the rest of the week. We'll have an office space shortly, but until then we'll have space you can work in. We'll offer early employee equity, competitive salaries, benefits, etc. You'll also get to be a part of our YC experience.

Ethos: We started this because we wanted to build and sell a product we believed in. Part of that is providing excellent support. We're providing a service, so support is the product. We all do support. This keeps us in touch with what our users need, guides our product, and most importantly, provides value to users. It is also great to hear how happy customers are after trying the product.

You: - Based in the SF Bay Area or willing to relocate very soon - RoR experience - Great communication. We all do support and some remote work so communication is crucial. - Self motivated. We don’t have time to micromanage so you will need to be proactive with everything.

Email at helpbuilds13co@gmail.com for more info.

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