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I don't like shaking hands (business handshakes are fine) or hugging unless it's a loved one or someone you are really close to and generally want to feel the embrace from the hug. Otherwise I think it's just pointless touching to signify some non-existant closeness.

What's wrong with just saying "hi"? Or a friendly fist-bump if you want to do something more fun?

I especially hate meeting a new group of people and having to shake every hand. It's so stupid.

As an American now living in Germany I always have to hug every single friend I've met more than once. I do it just because it's the expected behavior but I don't necessarily enjoy it.

FWIW I do feel like I'm a real life Larry David sometimes.

I am from Germany and greet my friends with a ‘hi’ and no handshakes, especially in academic backgrounds. At the THW, people shook hands, which was fine with me, too. Furthermore, handshakes if you meet for the first time in any context, unless the group is so large you don’t get introduced to everyone individually.

Hugs are for close family and I will make it very obvious that I don’t want to hug you if you try.

I wish my friends were like you!

I will state the obvious but to answer your "what's wrong" question, it is purely cultural and learned. If you were from, let's say a Europe Latin country, you would feel odd to not have any kind of physical contact when meeting someone.

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