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Strong Opinions, Weakly Held (filepicker.io)
12 points by brettcvz on May 14, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

"if you don’t express your opinion strongly, it may not stick in the listener’s head as well as an overall weaker idea that someone else expresses with more zeal."

OK, sure. Connecting confidence with correctness is one natural human heuristic for assessing an idea or proposal.

But it's also an unreliable one, and encouraging everybody to assume it when delivering ideas seems as likely to magnify the problems as it is to put everybody on an equal playing field.

If you're trying to cultivate a culture where consensus decisions are better decisions, I think what you really want is less opinions that are strong than positions that are clearly reasoned and articulated.

I suppose it's possible that the author of this piece (and those who coined and use the phrase on which it's based) really mean that, but I think the "strong opinions" phrasing is easy to confuse with general brash confidence.

Great mentality, especially considering how bad stubbornness can be personally and professionally. Might want to reconsider the second part. "Weakly held" suggests that you just rollover when there's an idea that might be better. It's more beneficial to have an objective, possibly heated discussion that leads to the right decision without any ill will. My approach is to have 'defendable opinions.' If you have more legitimate reasons for your thought, more often than not it's the right way to go.

Props on working it into your company culture

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