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I am with you, and I don't mind the harshness of the title. It explains exactly how I feel. This "download our app" trend has abolutely been ruining my browsing experience on my phone and tablets. I've used other browsers that allow user agent hacks, but there are just too many other factors that we developers can use to determine the hardware the user is using. Perhaps we need a way to create a new blacklist of annoying sites and a way to notify the user of it so they can just avoid it.

The other annoying sites are the type that use that horrible 'mobile experience' JavaScript/CSS hack that is just awful, I don't know what it's called because I haven't looked for it but as soon as you hit the page it redirects a loads some giant framework to mock a native app. The browsers we have on the devices are just fine for sites, they were built that way! Leave it alone!


Yeah that is another company that has decided to make world a worse place. What I can't understand in how they got so many content owners to ruin their websites by using their crap.

Indeed, I hate, hate onswipe "enhanced" sites. Bad enough you have to wait for the redirect and then all the assets to load (they are always slow) but then there are even more annoyances. There is no way to retain a preference for the regular site (at least not without allowing 3rd party cookies) and then they spawn a new window when you choose to view the desktop site! I've stopped visiting sites that use onswipe. The pain is just not worth the content.

From: http://www.onswipe.com/demo

"This site is a dish best served on an iPad"

"The content you’re trying to view has been optimized for viewing on the iPad, unfortunately there’s no desktop alternative available right now."

#doorslam on Android or Win8 tablet

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