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I agree. In most cases, mobile apps are just fancy website bookmarks with a few more advanced abilities (native code, more hardware access, permanent local storage)... Except you have to download the app, organize it within all your other apps, download updates, delete it when you no longer use it, make sure its settings are in order, etc.

Imagine you had to download an app on your desktop computer before you were able to visit any website for the first time. How crazy are these people? Why do so few companies put user experience first.

Except that they also break bookmarks, deep linking, and the ability to share content other than how the app itself dictates.

Most "shares" are _still_ links copied in emails if I'm remembering apocrypha correctly.

A properly written android app avoids most of these issues, most notably deep linking.

A website guarantees the features noted.

Few apps are properly written, and all require me to look extensively at permissions.

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