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I just looked at the bug again and it’s been sanitized. I commented 2 or 3 times in the linked bug to add backstory. Those comments are gone now. The attachment I added is still there.

Funny story, they banned me now because they think I submitted this HN story. I didn’t, I came here way later.


Makes you think, doesn’t it? (The warnings refer to another bug a few months ago, where I tried to make another developer explain his removals, and good discussion and a full blog post resulted. All in all a good result. But still they said I was out of line because I named names)

Wow... that is so weak.

Their attitude makes me want to switch to another desktop even more so that the software itself.

> to add backstory.

Didn't you accuse them of intentionally mixing up commits to make the changes hard to reverse? Calling that adding backstory is dishonest and the comment was entirely inappropriate.

(Sincere apologies if I am mis-attributing this comment to you.)

Well, I added backstory, which extended two years before this unnecessary public outrage event. People were asking questions about where the code went. I explained there was no clear single commit and how to find where it was removed.

And then I overstepped and deduced that this may be assumed to be intentional, condering the backstory.

You might say that was inappropriate and I was banned with justification. But I’m a human too and this lack of proper communication frustrates me to no end. If the developer in question can be said to have a breaking point, I have one too.

None of this would have happened if the involved parties had a better standard of communication and of handling matters.

I empathize with your position, but I don't think it is fair to paint such a negative picture when the reality is, at worst, much less offensive.

It's like a North Korea of development. Any dissent, real or imaginary, and you're gone.

More like 1984. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

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