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> The subculture of BBT is the pseudo-intellectual crowd who took biology 101 and are now experts in everything "science."

That's just the thing though, people can't tell the difference and I don't think the show even knows it, having all those characters around who apparently know very little about science but who are being portrayed as prodigies.

I learned about this show when friends told me "hey, you're a science type, you'll love BBT. It's so funny and clever!"

Then I watched it and it wasn't clever at all. But it is designed to look as if it is.

Well, there were a couple of good episodes. But overall no, it's not funny. Plus all the comic-book geekery made me cringe.

When will we get our own show where a vim user and an emacs user, both contributors to the linux kernel, have to share an apartment next door from a frontend web developer writing ruby in SublimeText?

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