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Big Bang Theory is not a very funny show. It does appeal to fans of Dharma and Greg though (like my mom).

The only consistently funny show I would recommend is Archer.

Archer is very crude though. I don't think I could recommend it to my Mom, I think she'd be a bit shocked.

I don't get the hate for Big Bang Theory. I don't think they are laughing at or poking fun at geeks. I think it's pretty good natured. I think the science in it is meant to be above-average (is it?) but it ain't meant to be proper nuclear physics and stuff. Granted, it is not even in the same league as IT Crowd (which is easily one of my favourite shows) but it's not that terrible, is it?

Don't recommend Archer to your mother — words to live by.

I try not to hate anything — words to live by — but have to say that the writing is really poor in Big Bang Theory. I don't like poor writing.

What the IT crowd has in its corner is some absolutely absurd moments that make up for the hokey bits (laugh track, etc.):


My housemate hates the laugh track, I never noticed it until he mentioned it - so now I try to ignore it. I like your words to live by, I will live by them. I think the writing in Big Bang Theory is poor in parts but it is quite decent in others. Then again I do not watch much telly so I'm no official arbiter of sit-com taste.

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