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I'll never forget the first time I saw this show. It was 3am, had insomnia for some reason and saw the episode "Gay! A Gay Musical"[1]. I laughed so hard I cried and woke up my wife, it was fantastic! Just utterly brilliant! "I'm disabled..." has become sort of an inside joke with my brother because of this episode.

I'm glad they're bringing it back for one last run, it certainly deserves it.

[1] - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TQJILoFd5o

"Gay! A Gay Musical" is by far my favorite episode. Really solidified the quality of the show for me.

It was a great episode indeed. I think was the only good episode of the second season. I didn't even bother with 3rd season after that. First one is a classic though.

Some of the most memorable episodes of that show came from the third season. Give it another chance!

I really liked the episode where Moss is trying to get an iPhone from one of those crane games. "No Jen, I'll be getting an iPhone without giving any money to Apple. I'll be living the dream"


For me my fave scene is Chris Morris and his fondness for Teams.


"Well it's just not working out"


I once sent this link round our tech department after a team motivation email from management, it helped me hold on to my sanity.

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