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It is a joke, but not an inside joke as much as a joke that would be understood by people from Balkan countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia). Miran (the author of LYAH) is, judging from his first and last name, from this region. In the local language (Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are basically the dialects of the same common language), the most commonly used word for teach and learn is the same word, uciti, although there are separate words for these activities. Basically, whether you speak of teaching someone, or learning something is judged by the context. Then, Learn you a haskell vs. teach you haskell is a wordplay in that sense. A similar joke from the region: "Can you translate me to the other page of the street?"

Of course the strangest part of the title is the article "a" since "learn you" is a valid if unusual idiom in English.

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