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I started reading the online version, enjoyed it so much, I went ahead and boug ht the treeware version. And it's awesome.

I felt so loved as a customer of No Starch Press. They sent me the book, let me download the ebook in three free formats (no DRM), plus I got a bunch of freebie stickers.

The book itself is also quite remarkable to me in that I can read it and understand Haskell without needing a computer. I am used to reading mathematics books, and while I don't think Haskell is a programming language for all mathematicians as is so often advertised, the language does have a certain appeal to it in that you can treat its programs as abstract exercises that you can do independently of a machine. The statelessness of the whole thing doesn't need me typing stuff into a machine to see what a particular line of code. This makes it great for offline reading, away from the computer.

So yeah, get the treeware version. Support your favourite authors. :-)

=/ I never got freebie stickers from No Starch Press (probably cause I buy it through amazon). Their book quality is amazing, the paper and cover are very nice quality (unlike other publishers >=( ), I bought the learn you some erlang for great good, art of R programming, and the eloquent javascript.

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