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Android Lead with massive ownership and responsibility at Kicksend (YC S11)
1679 days ago | hide
Kicksend's looking for a sharp, seasoned Android developer to lead engineering on our extremely popular Android app.

Our apps are designed to help non-technical people send, receive and print photos with just the ones they love. We have photo printing deals with the top retailers in the US (Walgreens, CVS, Target) along with shipping photo products directly to doorsteps. Our customers love us, and we will be in the sandbox this year at Google I/O as a featured partner.

At Kicksend, each team member currently runs a platform, with massive responsibility and ownership placed on their shoulders. Our ideal hire has strong engineering chops (we deal with large files over unreliable 3G/4G networks, on-the-fly client side clustering and image processing). Additionally, having an eye for good design and clean user-experiences will endear you to us in a big way.

We spec out, wireframe, research, design, build, test and ship beautiful product together as a tight, nimble team. Our apps are live on four massive native platforms internationally, and we're extremely growth-focused. It's a fast, intense and extremely rewarding work environment for the kind of person who wants to learn how to build and scale consumer-facing tech businesses.

We optimize for your happiness - we pay very well, have stellar benefits, emphasize a sane work-life balance, and offer an equity stake. We’re based out of beautiful, leafy downtown Mountain View, a prime startup hub in Silicon Valley.

If we like you, we’ll pay to move you to the Bay Area, regardless of where on the planet you're currently located.

As a team, we believe in getting beautiful, carefully designed product into the hands of customers worldwide, and are always looking for like-minded people to help us build the company out.

Email pradeep (at) kicksend.com if you're interested in joining us.

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