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If you like this beer, chances are you also like... (seekshreyas.github.io)
16 points by poezn on May 10, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

The relationships seem a bit off...

For instance, Burton Baton is a relatively unique beer yet it has a surprising amount of recommendations associated with it while many other beers have few or none.

Also, how were the beers picked out? Its a relatively small set and its not based on popularity - which would give people a better reference point. And if its based on rating, I'm surprised at some of the beers not on the list.

Interesting! The "Choose your preferred beer strength..." by lightness to darkness doesn't make much sense to me. Stouts (not including doubles and imperials) are usually much lower ABV (4%-6%) than IPAs and imperial IPA (6%-12%). I suggest changing to something like "Choose your preferred beer style...".

I expected something else. I expected to be able to pick a beer I like (e.g. Deschutes Red Chair, Pliny the Elder, etc.) and see recommendations based on that. I guess something more like Pandora.

What's here is interesting, but more of a "show me beers based on the category".

I second the comment about not having heard of any of these beers. Where's the Budweiser?

Also, the site looks awful on my iPad. I didn't even stick around long enough to figure out the point of the site because the elements overlaying each other was really annoying.

I'd say it's to the site's credit that it doesn't include Budweiser and other cheap mass-produced domestic beers. The site is clearly designed with beer enthusiasts (or at least budding beer enthusiasts) in mind.

Many budding beer enthusiasts start with cheap mass-produced domestics. My first Belgian style was Blue Moon which is made by Coors.

I can think of no better way to grow someone's beer knowledge than to direct individuals to better quality versions of beer they are currently enjoying.

It's really strange how Oatmeal Stouts apparently have absolutely nothing in common with other beers, even other types of Stouts. I suspect there's something wrong with the underlying data...

Looks like it could be good but the author needs to check his/her markup on a mobile. Looks terrible on my iPhone.

I would order lots of beer in a heartbeat if there was a way to buy from your site!

nice idea!

if i choose "light" i get WarsteinerPremiumDunkel, SpatenDunkel, HofbräuDunkel, etc. "Dunkel" means "dark", so they are no light beers. And the camelCase should be with spaces instead.

Unfortunately, I can't find any beer I've ever heard of.

I'm not very exotic.

Just as I always suspected: Stone IPA is like no other!

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