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Show HN: I just released Sleek, a Ruby gem for doing simple analytics (goshakkk.name)
49 points by goshakkk on May 10, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Thanks for sharing goshakkk - and for your blog posts on event analytics, there's some good stuff there:

http://goshakkk.name/analytics-analyzing-tracked-events/ | http://goshakkk.name/tracking-events-in-analytics-systems/

Have tweeted about this from the Snowplow account...

Thanks goshakkk, this looks nifty! I assume it takes care of the indexing and all that jazz for you? How well does it scale? It looks very similar to something's I'm already using but we use Mongo's map/reduce functionality because it allows us to store count and other stats and build charts/etc off them. I'm interested in your thoughts about that.

it doesn't currently, but this project is only a day old. Indexing, caching, and other stuff are on my to-do.

(By the way, m/r is times slower than Aggregation Framework, especially for simple cases or cases that fit AF's common use patterns. See http://goshakkk.name/analytics-analyzing-tracked-events/ for more details.)

Re Shopstream, seems like a terrific idea. How are you planning to market it? Suggest you integrate with the Shopify platform first, as they really care about and market the apps in their app store: http://apps.shopify.com

Hey. ShopStream is not my own application. It's the app I did for one of my clients. BTW, it's integrated has Shopify integration and is listed here. http://apps.shopify.com/shopstream

This is excellent. Thanks for sharing. I may look into forking to add DynamoDB support through dynamoid.

I'm saying this without having gone through the code base to see what is involved. ;)

Looks interesting. How does is compare with Cube? http://square.github.io/cube/

I don't think it would be perfectly right to compare Sleek and Cube.

Sleek is a library that you can add to any Ruby project and use it right off. Cube is a separate service that you need to setup and monitor.

My goal is to make Sleek more of an analytics framework, that can be tightly integrated in your Ruby application and easily extended in Ruby.

Right now Sleek is very simplistic but it already does something that Cube doesn't (relative timeframes, namespacing). I'm also planning on adding other functionality that's missing from Cube (relative timeframes with proper support of timezones, funnel analysis, ability to group_by metric values, probably a nice wrapper around MongoDB Aggregation Framework.)

(I used Cube while developing ShopStream initially. As it later turned, using it as a separate service wasn't really convenient to use because of how ShopStream works and because of Cube limits. It'd be much easier to have everything embedded in the Rails app and wrap MongoDB Aggregation Framework myself. That's how ShopStream's own analytics library was born. But alas, it was very tied to the way we do things. I wanted to make something more universal so I made Sleek.)

Nice. Seems like a very good start for that framework.

It reminds me of https://keen.io/ and looks like you have a lot of the stuff there.

Keep the good work!

Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen Cube before. Looks similar to Urban Airship's data-cube project: https://github.com/urbanairship/datacube

Sweet, I've been needing something like this, and had been considering rolling my own. This looks like it'll save me the trouble!

Minor: Intorducing Sleek --> Introducing Sleek

Thanks, fixed.

awesome, up the good work.

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