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How were those authors able to enforce this request? To be a proper paper it should not be necessary to contact the author in order to reproduce it.

If you had to ask the author for more details then their paper was incomplete - perhaps that's why it could not be reproduced.

If you want to maximize your chances of reproducing the results, you will use identical apparatus and methods to what the original study used. That is often not possible to do just from reading the paper.

If the identical apparatus is essential to reproducing the result, then the description of that apparatus is part of the experiment. Omitting that means it's not a proper paper.

If only it were so. Often important parts of the protocol exist only in a hand written entries in a lab notebook. Because very few people are reproducing experiments and it is lots of extra work and jornals have limited space all the required details are rarely included. This is a big part of the problem. The typical work around is to contact the original reaseach to fill in the missing details.

Well then this article would be testing how well the papers were written, not whether or not it was possible to reproduce the results.

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