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Also, sometimes, doing the experiment is extremely hard. I know a guy who only slightly jokingly claims he got his Ph.D. on one brain cell. He spent a couple of years building a setup to measure electrical activity of neurons, and 'had' one cell for half an hour or so (you stick an electrode in a cell, hope it doesn't die in the process, and then hope your subject animal remains perfectly subdued, and that there will not be external vibrations that make your electrode move, thus losing contact with the cell or killing it)

Reproducible? Many people could do it, if they made the effort, but how long it would take is anybody's guess.

Experiments like that require a lot of fingerspitzengef├╝hl from those performing them. Worse, that doesn't readily translate between labs. For example, an experimental setup in a small lab might force an experimenter in a body posture that makes his hand vibrate less when doing the experiment. If he isn't aware of that advantage, he will not be able to repeat his experiment in a better lab (I also know guys who jokingly stated they got best results with a slight hangover; there might have been some truth in that)

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