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Without qualification, I'm afraid what you're saying is parlously close to mere verbiage. Even the most ardent climate sceptic does not object to solar, wind or water energy under certain conditions. What is 'Going Green' then? In the UK it currently means, for instance, paying wind farms a million pounds sterling a day to produce no energy at all. Meanwhile poor people die because they can't afford to keep themselves warm thanks to horrendous energy bills punped up by huge subsidies to the likes of windmill owners and owners of land, hosting windmills.

"Going Green" does not equal to switch to renewable energy at the cost of poor people's lives for gods sake. It simply means that recognizing the global warming and have a plan to switch to renewable energy, for example, take some of the hundreds of billions of dollars of the oil companies' profits to invest on renewable energy.

proposed cap and tax carbon regimes disagree.

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