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I don't think so, I still hate Flash, and I am not the only one. In fact, I just switched to Linux, only to find that flash makes firefox crash (seems I was unlucky, it works fine for others). The point: just as always, flash simply doesn't work for everyone, so it is out. The last big company I worked for also didn't provide it's employees with flash.

Flash is the only widely available system that gives you full control over every pixel in the browser and it does that in a pretty efficient manner.

Although, yes, something intuitively stops me, too, from getting excited about Flash. Maybe it's that it's closed/proprietary and I just don't trust today's Adobe anymore. They definitely want to be the microsoft of the web.

So there's Silverlight (well, potentially), Flash and still no decent alternative from the open-source world. No Mono/deIcaza stuff please. Thanks.

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