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This reminded me that one of my friends wanted a recommendation from me on FoundersDating. I got to the form you're talking about and here is a screenshot:


On the bottom left corner, you'll see they tell you that they'll send a message to your chosen contacts. You can also edit the message.


The text is really small. I may not have noticed it had I not been looking for it. Also, I don't know when this was added.

Seeing the screenshot (not having looked at the site or anything), the "see/edit this message" is pretty small. Everyone else isn't exaggerating when they say it is small.

I also think it's important to notice that the big, friendly button says "Agreed". "Agreed" doesn't lead me to think that it will send a message, just that I will vouch for them.

The button should say "Agreed. And send the message to my Contacts."

No one would press that. Hence the fraud.

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