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> it's also completely opt-in - no tricks where you can't find the "x".

Opt-in means the X is not checked by default.

Opt-out would be where the X is checked, and people have to find/un-check it.

Opt-out is disallowed (ethically and/or legally) in many situations.

I don't know if you're truly doing opt-in or -out, but I wanted to point out the difference.

Opt-in is how you avoid unpleasant surprises. When it comes to email marketing, some even advocate double confirmation: You opt-in, and get an email where you have to click a link to confirm you really do want it.

I'm sure she understands. Here's a screenshot of the page in question, since nobody here can be arsed to actually check facts: http://cl.ly/image/2V302C3j290B

That's not the page I saw. I was asked who I would vouch for, not who I'd like to vouch for me.

Does anyone has a screen shot of that page?

You may want to step back, take a deep breath, and figure out a way (or someone else, if needed) to respond positively to criticism.

Right now you just look pissy.

FWIW, jmalter (FounderDating CEO) and jfarmer (who's passive-aggressively posting the same screenshot in a bunch of threads) are different accounts.

That's an unfair statement given that it's an invite only page.

It appears this is the page in question: http://imgur.com/KSsinEq

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