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How is it better than just downloading a torrent? It's still "illegal" to use proxy servers to use Hulu from other countries.

Under what law? Generally I think it's legal to take a copy of a copyrighted work that you obtained legally and take it to another country, say, in your luggage. How is this any different?

Edit: Under the law that makes "import or export" a right exclusive to the copyright holder, apparently. Thanks for the correction!

Under the US law.


Uploading or downloading works protected by copyright without the authority of the copyright owner is an infringement of the copyright owner's exclusive rights of reproduction and/or distribution.


Several exclusive rights typically attach to the holder of a copyright:

- to produce copies or reproductions of the work and to sell those copies (mechanical rights; including, sometimes, electronic copies: distribution rights)

- to import or export the work


An item is considered an export whether or not it is leaving the United States temporarily, if it is leaving the United State but is not for sale (a gift), or if it is going to a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary in a foreign country.

(I personally think this is all bullshit when applied to the Internet, but my opinion doesn't matter.)

Why is it illegal. Do the 'terms & conditions' forbid you from using a proxy installed in US?


International Use. Hulu's goal is to bring you as much Content as is legally available. That said, we are limited by the rights that our content licensors grant to us. Using technologies to access the Content from territories where Hulu does not have rights is prohibited.

(Of course, in some countries you can ignore Terms of Use.)

User experience is better.

I would argue that the user experience is not better. You are still seeing ads, and you still are limited to what the networks decide to put on hulu. Often they will take down episodes after a few weeks, and on top of that, there are plenty of networks that haven't made deals with hulu, and their content is not available.

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