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Paid for Stripe (paidhq.com)
114 points by parsley on May 8, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 38 comments

I bought a copy. It looks nice, but I had to add it to the pile of Stripe "add-ons", app or otherwise, that don't do the ONE thing that I'm constantly trying to figure out manually (and I imagine other SaaS owners would, too):

Based on CURRENT subscriptions, how much money can I expect to collect over the next X days? Stripe tells me about transfers that are scheduled, but I can't look past money that's already been collected without manually pulling down a bunch of subscription data and trying to figure out how much we're going to be paid on each day in the future.

I'd be happy for this to be a command line script - I just haven't managed to figure out the best way to do it!

I wanted the exact same thing and it's not totally trivial when you consider different discounts, quantities, past_due, trial dates, etc.

So I built a simple script to do some of it:


This is actually an awesome idea -- almost like a forecast of the money you'll earn? Should be simple to do it programmatically. I'm going to add something to our feature list to explore this.

There's a service called Dig my Data that will do some cool predictions and analytics from your Stripe data. Things like churn rate and revenue over time.


Killer :)

I've got a question about the current dashboard: by default, "Today's Volume" seems to include more than today. "This Month's Volume" also seems to include more than this month (the range goes to the end of this month). How are these figures actually calculated?

Edit: you can email me directly, alex@indyhall.org, if you'd like to talk more about this off-forum.

I'm already doing something like this for my personal money. Getting a forecast every couple of days.


Have been trying to come up with a way to turn this into a product for over a year now. A service for SaaS owners ... might not be a bad idea.

Yeah I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. The churn rate on my app is so low that it would be pretty accurate. I'll try and build a ruby script this weekend.

Totally agree with Alex. This is something that I (and most other SaaS owners I know) look at regularly. And it's not always easy.

Congrats! Downloading.

This is indeed beautiful. But the positioning is wrong. Nobody who uses Stripe is like: "I wish this was more beautiful". The correct position is something like: "Manage your Stripe account on the go".

Well, it says both. You can manage your Stripe account, and btw, it's beautiful.

You're underpricing this app. I'd drop $20 or $50 on this as easily as $6.

Well I really appreciate you saying that. Lucky for you, you're getting a good deal! Who knows, maybe they'll be more features or something you can buy in-app in the future. Like the Forecasting stuff talked about below.

I mean, you are welcome to send me more money if you'd like. :)

Good feedback though, thank you.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we submitted a 1.1 today, which includes better crash reporting and some adjustments to the way we aggregate your daily/monthly volumes.

IOS Only :( We're building a really big project using Stripe right now, it's too bad I can't give stripe an extra $6 (which I would do in a heartbeat).

iOS as a first step, once it's solid, Wess and I may tackle an Android app as well. Who knows.

It's not made by Stripe.

Great work, just bought a copy as well. I was looking for something like this recently, saw it wasn't there, and was considering going ahead and building it.

I'm only a little disappointed you beat me to the punch, the level of polish here is outstanding. Just a quick note that I tried to rush the login while 'authorizing' spinner was going, and got an app crash. I had no problem after that.

Also, I'm getting a consistent crash when I go to my customers list and click directly on the 'Last' payment. 'Next' payment works fine.

iOS 6.1.4, iPhone 5.

We'll take a look at this. We're about to push out a 1.1 with better crash reporting so we can look at this stuff.

As for the OAuth with Stripe -- it's a little slow and hokey, so our arms are tied there. Glad to hear you got in though.

FYI, there is also Pay Pad which works really well IMO.


Looks good! A few numbers are off for me, though.

Paid says I have a transfer today, but it's actually coming tomorrow according to the Stripe site (and my bank account :)

The monthly volume on the dashboard is also 6x my current volume. Is it estimating what my volume would be for the month based on the amount so far?

The monthly volume issue is a known bug -- something we missed while developing. We've submitted a 1.1 fix to the AppStore today that should resolve that.

As for the transfer, we gather that right from Stripe's API. Could just be some mislabeling on our side? Could you email me at: scherfryan(at) gmail?

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/2.2.22 Server at paidhq.com Port 80

Yeah, MediaTemple died at the most inappropriate time (again).

Please send an alert when a new customer is added - even if they didn't make a payment. For ex, if someone subscribes to a plan that has a free trial. Stripe doesn't do this yet - so this would solve a big pain point for me.

Why does Stripe only allow U.S. businesses?

Even if one is actually in the U.S., one might want to not base the company there for obvious tax reasons, so this makes their service (and by extension, this app) of very little use.

(I work at Stripe)

Stripe allows US and Canadian businesses, and is in closed beta in the UK (sign up at https://stripe.com/global if you would like an invite!) We definitely want to launch in many more countries, but can't say much about timelines as yet.

I think they're working on rolling out the platform to many more countries -- just haven't gotten there yet.

Fair enough. Looking forward to it.

If I manipulated HN, I wouldn't know how I did it. Just luck of the draw I suppose, although there was much more traffic related to Paid today than there was last night.

I don't know who the person is that submitted this.


Ironically there's no way to pay for Paid for Stripe with Stripe.

A graph I would love to see on manage.stripe.com -

Cancellations, Past (Subscription) revenue, New revenue (ie, a new signup), Failures

Just got it. For some reason it says "Today's Volume" and "This Month's Volume" is much, much higher than reality.

Yeah, a bug was exposed. We fixed it and submitted the fix to the AppStore today. The Stripe API is tricky, so we have to do some looping to get the data.

Indeed. I certainly wish those numbers were true!

Bought a copy. It looks great but keeps crashing for me =(.

Really sorry about that! Can you email wcope(at)me(dot)com with any crash reports/comments that you have? We'll take a look.

This is beautiful work guys!

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