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Well the whole thing is that, do they still have that right?

Is it right that I have to wait an entire year to see the movie on DVD, when they know full well from before production starts that it will be released on DVD. It's just a tactic to try and force people into the cinema: "You like the look of this movie... ooh, only in cinema!"

With the amount of Cam rips and TS's out there, and have been out there for a long time, people are clearly telling the movie industry that we expect not to wait a year for a movie to release on DVD.

The concept of a right involves the fact that it still exists even if other people disapprove of how it is exercised. A "right" defines a certain domain in which the party holding the right has freedom of action. If its exercise were constrained to manners that were popular among third parties, then it would not be a right at all.

The fact that you feel entitled to enjoy artists' work in the manner that you wish does not negate those artists' legal rights (or their agents to whom they have delegated those rights).

I'm sorry, I don't know where you're from. These concepts might be unique to anglo law. Property rights might work differently elsewhere.

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