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Unfortunately I really think this monopolist might just be Microsoft again. The web operating system is the browser, and when Microsoft start shipping silverlight with IE...

The biggest challenge to this will be getting high performance out of javascript in firefox. Also a combination of svg for graphics and access to the local system via a google gears type api (I see firefox 3 has something like this planned or implemented). While this would all be nicely backwards compatible it wouldn't give you cut+paste support, some sort of MIME support for edit boxes/forms is needed perhaps.

If my future choices are being stuck coding in JS, Flash/As or Silverlight, I'm rooting for MS, monopoly or not.

Despite what Joel seems to think, though, I still believe the general trend will be for successful browser apps to move out of confinement of the browser, rather than for successful desktop apps to move into it.

that's a good point... I think this is one of the key things Flash had to make its strong start (besides being fast and small) - as a bundle with IE

then again I'm not sure how much freedom MS has this time around (anti-trust lawsuits and I think there may be some more pending settlements) or it would have been done with .NET on Windows already

I could be premature - but I still think Adobe will eventually own web ui in the future... assuming that they eventually get it right on mobile devices

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