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Summary: Everyone received 1 year in prison. They plan to appeal, which means the final verdict could take years. The website and tracker are staying up.

I am surprised that the site and tracker is still staying up. I was under the impression that the prosecution was also going after the site.

The admins are savvy enough, and they've previously relocated the servers to other countries before, so I have no doubt the site will continue.

Not only that but they are only four people of a much larger swarm maintaining the pirate bay. Even if they go to jail it wouldn't mean anything to the site being up or not.

I believe they said after their servers were raided that they don't even know what country some of the new servers are located.

Yeah, my bet was more on fines and forcing them to shut down the site rather than jail time.

I think this what is called being a "scape goat" - perhaps under political pressure, the courts are deciding to make an example out of them.

If jail time became the norm for running torrent sites/trackers, those who have the know how to put these things online will be more deterred than if the penalty were only financial loss.

So the record companies are paying off more politicians than the telcos! How things have changed.

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