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If you need this, you're doing yourself a disservice by looking at it.

Go back and learn the concepts so that you're not memorizing anything.

What if you do not use this for an interview, butalready have a job that doesnt require you to apply this every day? I know a lot of these algorithms, but not all. I hardly ever need them, but when I do this might be a good starter to browse from.

thinking cheat sheets are only for interviews is limited. I would say knowing everything from head is useless with todays internet. Have a solid base, understand a few and google the rest tailored to your situation. I like cheat sheets to quickly remember what to explore.

> thinking cheat sheets are only for interviews is limited

I never even used the word "interview", are you sure you're responding to the correct comment?

true, the interview part was for large discussion above. The general concept of my reply applies to your comment though. I think your statement is a bit harsh. Or im misinterpretting what you are trying to say. Saying cheatsheets are useless is not correct imho.

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