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AWS Road Trip (awsroadtrip.com)
30 points by jeffbarr 1663 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

Sounds like an interesting marketing effort but from a cost perspective this doesn't seem like the most practical thing to do. Between gas, rental expense, extra hotel nights, and most importantly time this will cost far more than 3 round trip flights (northeast, southwest, TX) and a few days with a rental in each area.

I think it will work out well, but I am keeping track of the costs and will do my best to measure my return.

No Chicago?

EDIT: If you're near Chicago, please stop by. I offer both a venue for a meetup, and a place to stay.

We <3 AWS.

Dear Amazon,

We do exist.

Sincerely, Minneapolis & Chicago

I had some schedule constraints on both ends.

My grandson's first birthday before the trip, and my UW graduation after, in close proximity to my daughter's high school and college graduation (she did her last two years of high school in a "Running Start" program, so she gets her HS diploma and her AA degree more or less simultaneously).

I also need to leave some time to write up a nice report since this trip is also an independent study for my Master's degree!

Would love to see you in Canada. We really dont get much attention in Toronto, but i'm sure Toronto would love to see you.

I'll get there at some point...

Sounds like a very cool idea - I look forward to reading about the trip along the way!

I will do my best to keep the blog up to date with text, maps, video, and pictures so stay tuned!

no atlanta?

no NYC?

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