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What version of the programming languages are being used?There is a major difference between Ruby 1.9.x and Ruby 2.x

though they're also using Rails 3.2.11, which not only isn't the latest 3.2.* release but doesn't take advantage of Ruby 2.0... it would be more interesting to see the latest Rails 3.2.* on Ruby 1.9.* along with the latest Rails 4 release candidate on Ruby 2.0.0-p0

I created a Github issue to address the upgrade to 3.2.13, and pfalls is working on getting this done.


I encourage you to benchmark Rails 4 yourself and see if there is a measurable difference from the latest 3.2.x, to get a preview of the impact it will have. When Rails 4 is released we'll definitely want to upgrade to that.

Edit: pfalls is too fast for me, and just completed the upgrade to 3.2.13 and closed the issue. The next round will use Rails 3.2.13.

I think he is too polite to say: "patch please"

So move it up 2 or 3 spots then...

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