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Your link is from his Microconf 2012 talk, where the OP's link on Slideshare is from the talk he did this year, a few days ago.

Complete notes from all Microconf 2013 talks (including Patrick's, Jason Cohen's, mine) are here: http://www.it-engelhardt.de/microconf-2013-hub-page/

Videos should be available in a few months.

Jason Cohen, Erica, and Rob Walling all delivered probably in the top 5 of talks I've ever seen for SaaS founders. The notes can't do them justice but they ROFLstomp the utility of anything you'll read on the Internet this week. (Obviously, mad props to the attendee who took it upon himself to take notes for you all.)

Hey Erica. Thanks for sharing the link and for the incredible talk you delivered. I learned a lot from your talk and from listening in on you guys talking at the buffet. Wish you all the best with your rebranding efforts from WooshTrafic to Marketvibe!

PS: I now know that I'm missing a 'h' :-)

Erica, loved your talk. Thank you for taking the time to give at MicroConf. Looking forward to reviewing the video once they are all out...

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